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Most Israelis love to gamble but the current political situation with the Palestinians has recently limited their chances of getting a good game of blackjack or roulette.
The Oasis or Jericho Casino was a roaring success, with thousands of Israelis spending the weekends there, in the Palestinian territory of Gaza. Palestinians were not allowed to gamble in the casino but held down well-paid jobs. The casino earned millions of dollars each year for the Palestinian authorities. One estimate is that Israeli gamblers spent over $100 million a year at the Jericho Casino.

Recently Prime Minister Ariel Sharon closed the casino after Palestinian gunmen used the roof of the casino as a machine-gun nest, firing shots and disturbing the gamblers underneath.
Yet, even after the trouble started, Israelis gambled that they could dodge snipers and border barricades to draw a straight flush at the poker table. Some stuffed themselves into the trunks of Palestinian taxis to get to the casino to play the slot machines and roulette wheels.
The scene is complicated by the fact that Islamic beliefs forbid gambling, as also do the Orthodox Jewish rabbis. Many Israelis now travel to Taba in Egypt, just across the border from Eilat, and also gamble on casino ships moored out in international waters.

The Jericho Casino is closed until further notice but it is reported that some Israelis trek over the surrounding rough terrain at night and slip in for some quiet relaxation at the gaming tables.
Casinos in Israel may soon be legalized because the government recognizes that it cannot stem the trend toward gambling. Over 47% of Israelis have visited a casino, and of those that have done so, over 70% returned.

Israelis would do better to gamble online, until as everyone hopes, the violence ends and peace becomes possible. Who knows what the future holds? It’s much easier to download the casino games to your computer than to scramble over rough ground at night just to place a bet!
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