Feel Special At ExclusiveCasino.com

Being made to feel top dog is a habit that most casinos cottoned on to from the earliest days of casino gambling in Las Vegas.
If you have big bucks to spend, the casino bosses will fete you, comp you, and even serenade you, doing all they can to keep you on their property while you have money to burn.
Of course, as soon as you lose, and you don’t want to leave, they might just kick you out and close the doors!
Being made to feel “special” in some way is a tempting prospect for all customers, whether they are in a casino or not. It seems it’s easy to flatter human vanity. Everyone wants an “upgrade” of one kind or another.

In the top land-based casinos, the flattering of top players goes on all the time. They get the champagne, the limousines, the flowers, and just about anything else they care to ask for.
Casino executives say it’s just normal business practice to welcome their favored guests. Cynics believe it’s a carefully laid trap to entice high rollers to open their checkbooks as if there were no tomorrow.

The ordinary gambler can also feel special in an entirely different way.
A friend of mine told me how a winning bet made him feel “special.” He had a ticket for four horses with a straight $ 30 win bet. The total win came to over $ 12,000.
When he came for the payoff the next day, he was ushered into a dimly lit backroom by the manager. There on a table was a pile of notes, reaching high into the air. They didn’t have a big enough envelope for the money, so the manager told him to stick the money in his pockets.

He put $ 2,000 in each trouser pocket, $ 4,000 in an inside pocket, and stuffed more notes in all the other pockets he could find.
My friend said it was a special feeling to have so much cash, exclusively his, thanks to four lucky horses.
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