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The ideal beach for a casino would be somewhere hot. The casino would look out over the water’s edge, the moon high, silver colored, reflecting on the sea below. Inside, it would be quiet, with the low murmuring of gamblers’ voices.

So quiet you could listen to the gentle rush of waves outside falling onto the beach, and at the same time, you’d hear the chips being counted and stacked, then the noise of chips swept off the roulette table, followed by the mesmerizing sound of the white ball circling the wheel.
Fantasy? Well, not at this casino. Isn’t anything possible in cyberspace?

The beach casino, however, should definitely not be located in Britain. It’s just too cold. Even in summer, the sea is no warmer than a very cold bath. The only people who don’t mind the cold sea are the surfers, cozily wrapped up in their wet suits.

Online gambling is very much on the increase in the U.K. Over the last 12 months, online advertising in the U.K. gambling sector has increased by over 50%, according to recent research.
Competition is hotting up, as planned deregulation encourages more activity, both from players and companies associated with the market.
Most of the advertising was directed across over 300 U.K. portals, with 293 advertisers placing over 1,000 online gambling campaigns.

In the beach casino located in some hot country, it would be good to go home just as the sun was coming up, with your bankroll augmented by a sizeable profit on the evening.
After a few hours rest, the sand on the beach would have warmed up, the inviting sea hot. You’d be ready for a relaxing swim.
With nothing to look forward to here but the miserably cold winter, that’s has to be an exciting idea.

At sundown, the beach casino would be getting busy again, the gamblers returning.
They are wondering how the evening will go, who’s playing at the blackjack tables, is that favorite trainee dealer at the same table, the one who was there last night, and allowed the players to win through inexperience?

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Those who are familiar with Las Vegas will know there’s a hot bar and 24-hour dance club called The Beach, just east of the Strip, on Convention Drive. It has a massive dance floor that attracts a very young crowd but there’s only one problem. You can’t gamble there. No casino. Period.
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